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Racism In Australia: Tribulations Of A Former African Diplomat – PART 2

1. Persona of arrogance, this’ my little poem;

A little song t’is as well, except I should hum;

Constantly dismissive you’re, so long dissension’ vicinal;

Issues as noble proven, common sense as much despise;

Away, away, away – I hum, away stay you should;

Persona of arrogance – haunt again-not my young ones, haunt my psyche not;


2. Numbness to others’ sufferings, passionately treasure you;

Of beings comparable, others tiny helpless;

Intolerant, cruel, intense connivance – too, define your guise;

Similes once suffered, scars big and small left to endure;

Away, away, away – I hum, away stay you should;

Persona of arrogance – haunt again-not my young ones, haunt my psyche not;


3. Persona of arrogance, shamelessly complicit is your ego;

Peculiar in many ways, dull in all else;

To steal, to destroy, but you come: pandemonium indiscreetly best armoury;

Silly games adore to play, lucid imagine of yourself;

Away, away, away – I hum, away stay you should;

Persona of arrogance – haunt again-not my young ones, haunt my psyche not;


4. Always lurking in darkness, restlessly devious mind;

Unobvious your malice you think, crack of dawn swiftly you emerge;

Claim lives relishes, to intimidate, to break, instead you cherish;

Pieces further you pulverize, one here one there: you grind for lives too many;

Away, away, away – I hum, away stay you should;

Persona of arrogance – haunt again-not my young ones, haunt my psyche not;


5. Poor persona of arrogance, remembers not ancient good counsel;

Same cup thee useth, too, useth shalt Almighty;

Undoubtedly equal measured, shaken, press-ed, press-ed;

Shaken, press-ed, over, over, and over again;

Away, away, away – I hum, away stay you should;

Persona of arrogance – haunt again-not my young ones, haunt my psyche not;


6. Indeed no respecter of entities, this Almighty;

To press, to shake, over and over, Almighty knoweth how;

In measure equal certainly, in time sure to pass;

Guardian Angels faithfully Almighty sendeth too, send as many: a prayer my Lord;

Away, away, away – I hum, away stay you should;

Persona of arrogance – haunt again-not my young ones, haunt my psyche not.

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Narcissistic Abuse is Domestic Abuse

Source: Narcissistic Abuse is Domestic Abuse

Discrediting The Victim- A Common Phenomenon

Couldn’t agree more to your observation, quote: “Publicly stating that the victim is not a victim, but instead the problem helps to convince others of that fallacy.” Your experience is a sad one. Hope you would somehow find a meaningful way to recover from the abuse and accompanying trauma.


No matter what type of abuse or trauma you have suffered, often discrediting you, the victim, happens.  Often by outsiders who say ridiculous statements such as…

“Well if you wouldn’t have worn that short skirt, you wouldn’t have been raped!”

“If you had just been a little nicer to him, your husband wouldn’t have hit you!”

“Your mother did the best she could-  you need to understand that she had been abused.  She just didn’t know how to raise you, so you have to forgive & forget.”

Even more frequently, the person who perpetrated the abuse works hard to discredit you.  Narcissistic parents are especially good at doing this.  They tell others they are concerned about you, because you have been acting strangely, you have a vivid imagination, you’ve been making up stories, they did the best they could do by you, but you were always a difficult child &…

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The variance in strategy between these two harmful beings is measurable and can catch you a bit off guard if you don’t consider the stark difference.

Similarities between Sociopaths and Narcissists in my experience :

The claim they have never been loved like this before.
They often state that no one has ever understood them as you do.
They desire to move quickly, (marriage, live together, children) and claim a once-in-a-lifetime love. Of course they must move quickly so they trap you, before you see the truth!
They talk about Soul mates, spiritual connection, twin flames, and many lifetimes together.
They claim they have been victimized/betrayed/crucified by those they loved and trusted. They long to find their path again, or for the first time.
They both strive to isolate you.
They both lie to accomplish whatever their goal is in the moment.
There is a mystique or aura of attraction—a…

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Do Narcissists Really Know What They Are Doing?


The answer is a resounding YES!!!

Narcisissts are absolutely aware of what they are doing & the damage they cause.  And, they are well able to control their actions.

Anyone who has spent time around a narcissist knows that they act entirely differently around people they want to impress versus people they don’t care about impressing.  That is painfull obvious.  The fact is though that they also are very aware when they have gone too far over the top in their actions.

Recently, I posted about my narcissistic mother’s fake concern, get well card & cookies for my (also narcissistic) mother in-law, even though she knows perfectly well that I haven’t spoken to the woman since 2002 due to her abusive ways.  (I posted about that here).  This betrayal by my mother & her flaunting it in my face hurt me more than it usually does when she feigns concern for…

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3 Keys to Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Melanie's Webinar Post

Have you been in therapy for months or even years with no relief from the pain, trauma, and anxiety caused by having been narcissistically abused and wounded?

Does it feel like the relationship ended just yesterday, though they have moved on and started a new life with someone else?

Do you wake up every day wondering when or if you will ever get your life back?

Have you lost your friends and even your job due to the depression caused by emotional abuse, yet can’t seem to get motivated to change?

Or maybe you grew up with a Narcissistic parent and have been trying to navigate through a painful life without knowing where to turn…

Many victims of Narcissistic abuse never really recover, regardless of how many books they read or how many support groups they’re in.  Knowledge is extremely important during recovery, but it only takes us so far. …

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Is It Possible He’s Not 100% Narcissist?

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Pensive Lady

Part of the reason targets of narcissistic abuse stay in the relationship beyond a reasonable and rational point is because they find it too hard to accept the idea that some people are cunning, devious and heartless.  People who are conscientious give manipulators the benefit of the doubt and try to see their side of things.

This is exactly what narcissists and other emotional manipulators count on.

It’s no secret that narcissists target people who possess specific personality traits and vulnerabilities.  By definition, vulnerability refers to the inability to withstand the effects of a hostile environment (  Because of this inability to survive in an unfriendly environment, targets of narcissistic abuse distance themselves from painful reality through the use of defense mechanisms which are fairly unconscious, meaning victims use these mechanisms without even being aware of doing so.

Narcissists keep their victims in a constant state of fear, which in…

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Feel Like You Were Brainwashed by the Narcissist?

Feel Like You Were Brainwashed by the Narcissist?

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