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13 Reasons Why Couples That Have Morning Sex Are The Happiest People To Be Around — Thought Catalog

Joel Sossa1. Forget Folger’s. The best part of waking up is getting off shortly after opening your eyes. Why not remind yourself how awesomely pleasurable life can be the instant you rise? Sex is, quite simply, the best way to start the day. 2. In addition to making you happy by releasing feel good hormones like…

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Family and Union Formation

The Journey To Me

This week’s readings discuss issues related to family and union formation such as cohabitation, marriage, family composition and structure, and the economic factors that influence such formations. The readings describe the motivations that push people to form new unions either through informal means of cohabitation, or more traditional means of marriage and how these unions create new definitions of family and how they redefine definitions of marriage. The impact of cohabitation on individuals and society is discussed in relation to the formation and dissolution of unions. Decisions to marry and the impact of making the decision to marry on unions, family formation, and societal expectations are also discussed. The evolution of the role of family in society and the impact of family on the institution of marriage and family is also mentioned. The economic factors that blend together to inform decisions to form unions and what can lead to dissolution…

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